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10.36 Inch 4-Channel Blind Spot BSD Alarm Onboard DVR - 4 AHD 1080P Parking Cameras

10.36 Inch 4-Channel Blind Spot BSD Alarm Onboard DVR - 4 AHD 1080P Parking Cameras

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10.36 Inch 4 Channel Blind Spot BSD Alarm Truck Bus Onboard DVR Video Recorder Monitor with 4 AHD 1080P Infrared Parking Cameras

Monitor Features:

* The new 4-channel BSD all-in-one machine, AI intelligent tracking and detection of pedestrians and moving objects, vehicle blind spot radar alarm and early warning. Greatly improved driving safety. support BSD Speaker .
* 10.36 inch IPS touch screen. HD 500CD/M2, AHD 1920x1080P video input. 4-channel screen split screen display.
* Support 9V-36V wide voltage, it is really an ideal system for car monitoring, suitable for small trucks, buses, pickup trucks, work vehicles, large trucks, etc.
* Install four high-definition cameras on the front, left, right, and rear sides of the vehicle, which are connected to the monitors respectively. You will enjoy real-time driving monitoring, driving assistance, radar alerts anytime, anywhere.
* Support AHD 1080P camera, clearer and advanced bright color separation, signal filtering, 3D noise reduction technology, higher image clarity and better image restoration.
* Support DVR loop recording, maximum 258G TF card.
* Support U disk. Built-in speaker for MP4 video, music playback.
* Support camera image screen mirroring function. Support reversing line calibration and switching (the screen has its own reversing line).
* Support screen saver function. The screen is automatically turned off, making it safer to drive at night.
* Support display time and date, license plate can be set, brightness and volume can be adjusted.
* Support blind zone range setting, you calibrate the new blind zone warning range.

AI Smart Blind Zone Detection Alarm:

*The Monitor has a built-in high computing power Al smart main control chip and high-definition AHD wide-dynamic photosensitive motherboard, which can monitor and identify the risk of reversing in the output image moving object information , greatly improving driving safety.
* Screen warning: When reversing, the human body and the vehicle can be dynamically identified in the output video screen. When the human body or vehicle enters the scale of the screen, the scale of the screen display red to provide a warning.
* Sound warning: When reversing, when a human body or a vehicle enters the scale range of the screen, the scale range of the screen display red, and the speaker emits a warning sound .

Menu Setting :

* Support parking Line range adjuctable.
* Support blind zone range settings, you calibrate new blind spots warning range.
* 11 Kinds menu language : English/ Korean/ Russian/ Spanish/French/ German/ Italian/ Japanese/ Thai/Chinese/Hebrew

4 Channels Split Screen

* Can display 2 ~ 4 screens at the same time.
* 10 Kinds DIY the screen display mode, can show front view, rear view, left view and right view separately or together.

Loop Recording

* Parking video recording and playback, it will record the parking video in 24/7 mode when you are not inside of the car. The storage support up to 256GB. Automatically overwrite the previous recordings with new files when the memory card is full.
* Adopt Time-lapse video recording technology, save more space and no need to format the memory card often. (Note: Time-lapse video recording is only available during parking period, the monitor will always support normal video recording during driving.)

AHD1080P Camera

* With AHD 1080P Camera lens, the quality of shooting video is delicate and clear even in low light conditions at night。
* Truck-Specific Aviation Cable, Default 1pcs 15 meters extending cable for rear view, 3pcs 5 meters extending cable for front, left and right view. Support to customize the cable as you need.
* Support waterproof IP68.

Package content:

1 x 10.36 Inch BSD DVR Monitor
4 x AHD 1080P Backup Camera
3 x 5m Video Cable
1 x 15m Video Cable ( 10M/20M Optional )
1 x Desktop Bracket and screw
1 x install sticker and screw .
1x Cigarette lighter power cord
1 x Power Cable
2 x BSD Speaker with 5m cable (optional )
1 x Manual

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